Shalombeats Radio is in six languages

Shalombeats Gospel Team cater to the following services

Shalom beats is a team that intends to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ through God given talents. Along with the choir services we have 2 new additions to our services ShalomBeats TV and ShalomBeats Radio

Shalom beats music team is a group of young musicians and singers who come together with their talents to praise the name of the Lord. We sing for Praise and worship programs, youth programs, conventions, Fellowship meetings, Marriage, Funeral and all the other program accordingly.

Live streaming is an increasingly popular and trending media server.we try to meet the expectation of our viewers by providing highest quality viewing experience.we broadcast the content delivered in real time as events happen to the viewers all around the world like crusades, conventions,Gospel meetings, interviews ,Live news etc…

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